Best Sipper/Sippy Cups for Babies in India 2020

Sipper/Sippy cups are the important stage of your baby’s self-feeding age. Babies start taking liquids like water or juice by there own hands and there is no limit to our happiness to see a baby doing its first moments involving itself to discover new things around and improve its fine motor skills by handling things on own. Every mother would like to have the best for babies in everything. Sippy cups play a crucial role as babies spend more time sipping.

We have listed down few sippy cups in India 2020.

LuvLap Little Dolphin Sipper / Sippy Cup

Sipper cups in India
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  • Soft silicone spouts are gentle on baby’s teeth
  • Touch-flow valve opens with small pressure which is easy to drink from sippy cup, it is leak proof
  • Easy handling for your baby, BPA free .
  • It is easy to clean, sterilisable and dishwasher safe.

AVNS INDIA Pigeon Stylish Stainless Steel Thermo Sippy/Sipper Cup (2-5 yrs)

Stainless steel sippy/sipper cups in India
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  • Stainless steel sippy cups help babies for the transition from feeding bottles to sipping liquids through sippers.
  • When it comes to matter for your baby’s safety rather than going with plastic you can choose stainless steel for the safety of your babies. 304 food grade SS material is anti-bacterial and safe to use.
  • The sipper comes with a cleaning brush, easy to clean, easy to handle and safe to use as it comes brush to clean straw effectively.
  • The sippy cup comes with a cleaning brush that can be used to clean the stainless steel straw effectively.

LuvLap Birdie Sipper/Sippy Cup

Sipper cups in India
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  • Sipper is non-spill and leak proof, preventing any unwanted spilling and mess
  • Comes with detachable anti slip handles
  • Flip lid keeps straw hygienic and convenient to use while on-the-go
  • All parts are sterilizable
  • Can be fully dissembled and easy to clean
  • Bpa free
  • Training cup is ideal for baby of 12 plus months

Philips Avent SCF755/05 Spout Cup

Sipper cups in India
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The angled spout philips help toddlers to hold sippy cups easily and enjoy their sips. Handles are designed for lil ones to hold easily and they are rubberized so that they won’t slip from tiny hands. They are BPA free making it safe for babies. For the protective hygiene cap always keeps the spout clean.

  • BPA free
  • Leak-free, hygienic cap to keep cup clean on-the-go.
  • Easy conversion to a free-flow cup
  • Minimum recommended age: 18 months +

Morisons Baby Dreams 5 In 1 Feeding Cup

Sipper cups in India
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  • BPA Free
  • Specially designed to meet baby’s developmental needs
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to hold with comfortable handles
  • Promotes transition from feeding to sipping and sipping to drinking with 1 bottle body

Munchkin Flexi Transition Cup

Sipper cups in India
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  • Flexible, soft spout moves with your baby and is gentle on sensitive gums
  • Removable handles are easy for small hands to hold
  • Lid covers spout while out and about

Flexi transition cups are the best when the baby is switching from bottle feeding. It has 4-ounce capacity and flexible soft spout makes it easy for babies to handle and take there first sips comfortably without spilling. It is safe for 4+ months and is BPA free.


Sipper cups in India
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  • For a unique drinking experience for your baby
  • Angled handles for easy drinking
  • Step 2 cup for 5+ months baby
  • Spout top for easy drinking
  • Help’s in baby’s drinking development
  • Move on to spout as your baby accustoms himself to drink from a different shape other than a teat, recommended from 5 months
  • Soft silicone spout that trains baby to drink using openings other than nipple

Avns India Stalwart 275 Ml Stainless Steel Baby Sipper/Sippy Cups For Kids (1 – 3 Years)

Stainless Steel Baby Sipper/Sippy Cups For Kids (1 - 3 Years)
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Stalwart Stainless Steel Sippy Cup are best for your child during transition from bottle feeding to straw sippers. It helps to make the transition easier for babies to hold stainless steel.
Using stainless steel is a very healthy option for your kid because of the following reasons:
1. Stainless steels are the best option for your babies they are anti-bacterial, easy to clean and use.
2. Cleaning is very simple it can be sterilized by putting in boiling water, stainless steel doesn’t produce any bad odour with frequent usages.
3. Steel is more reliable and easy to clean as it comes with a cleaning brush used to clean steel straw effectively.
5. Three detachable food grade silicone straws are provided to safeguard the child’s gum from hurting by the steel straw.
6. The sipper is very lightweight as it weighs less than 75 grams.

Ole Baby Squeeze Style Bottle Feeder With Dispensing Spoon For Infant 

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  • Ole Baby squeeze bottle feeder help in making feeding semi-solids easier making it cleaner and easy to feed babies.
  • Gently squeeze the silicone base until the desired amount of food collects on the spoon.
  • The Feeder is BPA free, holds 3 ounces of baby food.
  • Its easier to carry when closed with caps which keeps it safe.
  • The design makes it easy to hold, squeeze the required amount.
  • The silicone feeding bottles can be re-used for future feedings and are dishwasher, steam and microwave safe. Includes protective cover to reduce leaks and spills, making the squeeze feeder ideal for travel.

Note: Its best suited only for semi-solids which is fine smooth food, a small number of solids in food will not allow food to pass through the hole, which makes it uncomfortable to use. So make sure food is perfectly smooth. It is even good for liquids.

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