Best toys and gift ideas for kids in India 2020

Kids start to learn and explore new things at a very early age. No doubt toys being their best friends to explore new stuff and feel amazed. Kids’ educational toys help them to think, stimulates creativity, and improve problem-solving, fine motor skills and help them reach developmental milestones.

Right from 1 year to 5-year, kids go through various developmental stages. Giving them the right things to learn, conceptualize and explore, that stimulates their curiosity and creativity at the right time is most important being parents.

Kids should not have too many toys, having just 10 or 20 toys that help them in developing their skills, creativity and curiosity are more than enough for kids. Toys can be frequently rotated to keep them entertained. Toys that are good for 6 months old may not entertain 4 years old.

In this guide, we have listed down a few toys which can be gifted to children on various occasions, hence we have segregated based on the age of children.

1.Toys for Newborn(0-6months)

Newborn babies usually are amazed by the world around them. Some small toys can actually fetch their attention when they are crying. Just buying some rattles for cradle or bed jhoomer will solve the purpose. You can start with lightweight teethers when the teething phase starts.

When new baby arrives in your life you may consider buying various essential things that are important for your baby. Check list below:

New Born Essentials:

  1. Best Baby Play Gyms, Jumpers & Rockers
  2. Baby Bottle Cleaning accessories
  3. Baby Feeding bottles in India
  4. Sipper/Sippy Cups for Babies

2.Toys for 1-3 years kids

Kids activity cubes are fun-filled with all of the items to play which helps in developing fine motor skills, logical skills, visual skills, Hand-Eye coordination, and hearing skills.

They are stimulating and engaging which enhances your babies visual and auditory senses with many songs and bright colours to cultivate creativity.

3.Kids Ride on and Tricycles(2-3 yrs)

The baby ride on jeeps are strong and sturdy, easy to assemble. They are battery operated with manual horns and musical tones and blinking lights. Four big and wide wheels with alloy-like wheel caps, add to the safety and comfort of the child Very Easy To Assemble

Safe for children. Tricycles are made of unbreakable body, attractive looks, it comes with durable tyres and hand bars.

4.Toys for (2-6 yrs)

For 2 to 6 years kids we can gift toys on balancing, pools, slides, see-saw, swings which kids enjoy. A water pool can be enjoyed in the home garden and kids can enjoy maximum in summers. Tent house and pretend plays are the best option to engage kids during summers. Based on gender of kids we have various tent house from

Pretend play of 5 year kids:


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